What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy uses herbal medicine and nutritional supplements together with dietary guidance and lifestyle modifications to support the body’s capacity to fight infection and disease, and to heal itself.

It treats the whole person so that recovery from an illness leads to sustained optimum health.

When a Naturopath addresses an illness, he/she will examine any other issues such as stress, diet, environmental impacts and lifestyle.

Treatments may clear toxicity, improve the intake of essential nutrients and boost the body’s immune system. A drug only treatment can suppress symptoms of an illness but may not resolve an underlying cause.  A number of herbs  and supplements have been used effectively for centuries albeit in less sophisticated forms.

The remedial function and benefits of a wide range of Naturopathy treatments are now well proven by scientific research. Today’s Naturopath may also call upon laboratory testing for example, as part of a health assessment to treat conditions like digestive problems, allergy or infertility.

A Naturopath works on two fronts –providing treatments  supporting the body’s own healing abilities; and empowering people to change their lifestyle and habits necessary for the best possible health.


A professional Naturopath will display their accreditation by a national association.  It shows they are qualified after rigorous study at a recognized academic institution and operate within professional standards of practice.

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