Debbie Leigh has been practising naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine and remedial massage in Brisbane for more than 20 years, and is now offering naturopathic consultations via telehealth.

Debbie began her career in natural therapies in 1980 and received a Degree in Medical Herbalism and Naturopathy in 1988. She continues to attend professional conferences and seminars, keeping up to date with the latest research on disease, medical conditions and treatment with natural medicines, nutrition and supplements.

Debbie was one of the first Brisbane practitioners to fully qualify in Natural Fertility Management with author and teacher Francesca Naish and for more than a decade she has specialized in this field, helping many clients to have happy healthy babies. She  is experienced in working with patients who also utilise conventional medical treatment, as well as in providing IVF support.

Debbie has a reputation for her knowledge and skills in natural therapies, as well as for her personable and caring attitude. She has a history of successfully treating a broad range of illnesses and health conditions.

Debbie loves her work, loves people and will help you achieve better health.